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Another year passes....

Written on February 28, 2006 by Kevin.

A quarter of a century. As of yesterday, that is now how old I am. Does it seem old? No not really. I still feel like I'm 12 years old and ready to have a good time. Of course that is only when I'm not thinking like an adult and having to pay the bills and make sure the house is in order.

My birthday weekend went well. We took a short trip to a great sub shop called Cheba Hut. This was a place that I used to get lunch at years ago and have been craving it ever since. These are not your normal Subway or Blimpie subs, they are great tasting unique toasted subs. Definitely a favorite in my book. Was it some gourmet birthday dinner? No, but it was wonderful.

So what did I get for gifts you may be wondering (or not wondering)? Well, my family got me some gift cards and my wife's father got me the Karate Kid movies box set. Talk about a sweet gift. My wife knows me well and picked me up a Goonie t shirt. Another great gift.

To wrap up my birthday, I took the day off and ran some errands. Errands that included taking Rylan to the pediatrician for his checkup. He checked out great. The other errand was going to the dentist and getting a checkup and cleaning. I'll admit, I haven't been to the dentist in a very long time and I paid for it. I now need to schedule an appointment for a root canal and multiple cavity fillings. Damn me for never taking the time to go see the dentist.

I am anxious to see how Rylan and my wife celebrate my birthday next year. I don't know how they can top this year though. A Goonies t shirt and a treasure chest cake, you can't beat that!


Nah, 25 doesn't feel old. You're safe until you turn 30, when you realize your life is almost half over. OK, sure, you could live to be 80 or 100, but let's look at the situation sober. Many people around us die early from disease, accidents or crime. Sixty-five is a good run. You'll be 43 for Rylan's high school graduation, maybe 50 for commencement and/or marriage. If you're lucky, you'll see grandchildren before you die.

I'm in my early 30s. I say in hindsight, 25 is the perfect age to have a child. You handle sleeplessness better, have more energy and are generally more optimistic about the future. Plus, Rylan's grandparents get to see more of him before they run out the clock.

Sorry to be morbid (or realistic), but my wife's mom missed seeing her granddaughter by just a couple years.

Written by AJ on Feb 28, 2006

At 25, you finally become a full-fledged adult. At last, you can rent a car without any questions.

I didn't feel 25 or 26. 27, though, is when I felt a little old. Now I'm 28, and back to not feeling much.

Written by Jared on Feb 28, 2006

Shame on you, Kevin, you're suppose to go to the dentist every 6 mths. Do you not have dental insurance or just don't like going? Just make sure you get Rylan in regularly. I started taking my boys at age 3. My son just turned 6 last week and they recommended him to get his back teeth sealed so as to prevent cavities. I've never heard of it. You may want to look into that in a few years...It was kinda pricey. $26 a tooth and they did 8. But I guess it's worth it if they don't get cavities.

Written by Julie on Feb 28, 2006

We will be taking Rylan to the dentist every 6 months. My teeth were sealed when I was little and I never had any cavities as a child. They're worth the money.

Written by Rylan's Mommy on Feb 28, 2006

Insurace was never an issue but I have never been a huge fan of dentists. As a kid, I had a few cavities and had multiple teeth pulled. I'm certainly not a big fan of needles which luckily they use less of these days. The cleaning itself wasnt too bad and I will attempt to go more regularly but the tooth that needs a root canal has been damaged for quite some time and I just never had it looked at. I have no worthwhile excuse to why I didnt go except that I just didnt want to go.

I must pay for my stupidity. Another lesson learned.

Written by Kevin on Feb 28, 2006

I know a great way to celebrate next year's birthday... Rylan's Dad, Rylan's Mom, and Rylan's sister!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Written by Karen on Feb 28, 2006

How to have a better v-day next year: Wait until the day after your b-day to go to the dentist.

Written by Jessica on Mar 1, 2006

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