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Our Hippy Baby.

Written on February 8, 2006 by Kevin.

How many babies do you see walking around in tie dyed outfits? Likely not too many. Why is this you may ask? Sure, it could be that tie dyed is a thing of the past or maybe its because parents just don't think to put their kids in it. Whatever the reason, Rylan sure seems to look nice in it.

We stopped by a local festival this last weekend and after looking around, we found a tie dyed clothing booth. My wife was quickly attracted to the onesies they were selling. After standing there for minutes trying to decide on which pattern looked the best, we decided on a blue/green effect. We got home and had an idea, why not try to make our own tie dyed outfits for Rylan. After a few nights of preparation including purchasing the necessities and reading up on the steps involved, we tackled the dye the other night.

Tie Dyed Baby

My wife and I had both done minimal tie dying as kids so we were not certain how these would turn out. However, to our surprise, they seemed to turn out great. They each had unique patterns and coloring that seemed to go well together. After a few washes, we threw them on Rylan and enjoyed our success.

You need few things to get the job done including a pack of white onesies, some tie tye grade dye (found in the craft section at Walmart) and some rubber bands. There are plenty of resources out on the net that will help out further if you are interested in trying this yourself. We were tossing the idea around of selling these on EBay but it looks like others are already up and not selling. For now, we will take private orders.

*Note* The dye powder can be toxic, wear protective gear and keep children away.


Great outfits! Can we get a closer look at those socks?!

Written by Karen on Feb 8, 2006

Great idea! I want to try that with my boys this summer :)

Written by Julie on Feb 8, 2006

The dye on the socks did not turn out as well as on the onesies. The different fabrics that make up the socks cause it not to dye as well. Go with 100% cotton if possible.

Click here for a closeup of the socks.

Written by Kevin on Feb 8, 2006

Kudos on the shirts. I still have a stepping stone kit (for footprints) sitting in my closet after 8 months.

We've bought a couple tie-dye onesies at festivals. They look great under overalls.

Written by AJ on Feb 10, 2006

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