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Linkadoos, are fun for me and you

Written on February 6, 2006 by Kevin.

Baby LinksThere are many things that you come across that seem to work great on a newborn and some that certainly do not. Some of the things that work, you would possibly never think they would work as well as they do.

We initially purchased a set of Fisher Price links to help keep toys attached to the car seat. We quickly found out that these are one of Rylan's favorite toys. Our collection has now turned into over 55 different links from different companies. Luckily though, these links all seem to link well enough to work. The Winnie the Pooh links we picked up at Babies-R-Us unfortunately are designed very loosely so they pull apart easily. In fact, all of the links pull apart pretty easily. I imagine this is designed with a reason, as to not injure a child. Of course it may be to annoy the parents as well.

Now let me explain why we have so many of these links. Dirt. Because they can sometimes become unlinked, they have a tendency of falling on the ground. Regardless of what the links may have fallen on, or even how long, we decide to put them aside for cleaning, while we just give Rylan a new bunch. The links seem to be working great for hand/mouth coordination as well as helping him with his teething. He will gnaw on these until he drops it and then gives us a lovely cry to let us know what happened.

The links in themselves I don't think are really sold as toys, but as links to add other toys too. Fisher Price has a few different toys that link up with these as well as other companies have similar designs. We have a Learn-Along Leap toy that easily attaches to these links and keeps Rylan entertained. A more extensive review of the Learn-Along Leap will be around some day.

All in all, I am pleased with these links. They are such a basic item that give a variety of things to do with them. It turns out that Rylan enjoys to teeth on them and just wave them around the most. For us, its a way to keep him entertained while we need to get some chores done.


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