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Rylan's Dedication

Written on February 20, 2006 by Kevin.

Rylan's Dedication PictureTake a look at the image to your right. Do you see the super cryptic message in it? No I'm not talking about Jesus. I'm talking about Rylan, spelled into the rest of the drawing. Now wasn't that a tough question to start this week?

For the record, neither my wife or I are super religious and this site will never turn into a religious blog however soon after Rylan was born, the idea of baptism went through our minds. It took 4 months to finally get it done but yesterday we took Rylan to a local church to get dedicated. The church that my wife had chosen was not a church we had been to together but one that my wife had gone to in the past. Baptisms are in fact called dedications now at this church and after waiting a bit for the church service to get going, it was Rylan's turn to stand up in front of everyone. Of course, 10 minutes prior to going up, Rylan decided he wanted to nap.

This church's dedications do not consist of dunking the child's head into water, but rather the pastor and others will come over to pray for our son. They prayed for each of us in fact because we all know how stressful parenting can be. Overall it was a very nice little ceremony with 2 other families getting their children dedicated as well. We received a personalized baby bible for Rylan, and the framed picture from above. We were glad that everything went as well as it did prior to the dedications, but Rylan decided to get irritated afterwards resulting in us needing to leave a bit early.

On a side note, sitting in the front row of the church and likely anywhere is probably not the best place for a young child. I don't know about other churches, but the church we went too was rocking and rolling with their music and it was quite loud. I'm certainly surprised that Rylan was able to remain calm as long as he did as well as sleep.


I see in the pic of the day that Rylan has a musical crib kick toy, does he like it? That is one of the other toys I wish that I had gotten Alexis when she was little.

Written by Jessica on Feb 21, 2006

Jessica, Rylan currently gets little use out of his piano. He will stare at it for a bit when its playing on its own but he doesnt understand just yet that he can push the buttons for the sounds and lights to go. Eventually we will put it on the ground and let him go to town with it. I'll be doing a little more of review when he begins to use it more.

Written by Kevin on Feb 21, 2006

Hey that Miiickey is way bigger than Rylan, but it looks like Rylan is enjoying the big rodent.
Whats there not to love.....Mickey is a smash wherever he goes.

Written by Fredrick on Feb 21, 2006

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