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Rylan's New Friend.

Written on February 7, 2006 by Kevin.

Build-A-BearRylan has no shortage of toys and stuffed animals however my wife has been working on making Rylan a Build-A-Bear since before he was born.

Over the weekend, we finally went and decided together on which bear to pick out. Rylan, of course, helped out and he certainly seemed to like the bear we choose. The choices were slim as they have very few bears that could be considered baby safe. Baby safe as in no buttons or plastic eyes. If Rylan had his way, he would have just taken the bear home as it was.

For those who do not know what Build-A-Bear is, you choose which bear or animal body you want and then get it stuffed. Rylan seemed to like it a lot without it being stuffed just yet. When it was time to get it stuff however, Rylan kissed the bears heart and placed it inside. When I say kissed, I should say slobbered all over it. We cleaned the bear up and made our way to the other side of the store to pick out an outfit.

Once again, there is a small selection of baby safe clothing to go with the bear. We decided on a cookie monster t shirt and while Rylan has yet to watch Sesame Street, we figured it was the most baby'ish shirt they had.

What did we name the bear you may ask? Junior. Why Junior? I'm not really sure but it seemed to be something that my wife and I both had thought of and it seemed to go well.

The verdict is that Rylan seems to really like his new bear friend. He grabs it and flings it around his crib and grabs it again. He gives it slobbery kisses and likes to gnaw at its hand. I think it was a success and to make my wife happy, I will admit that she was right again. Ey yi yi.


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