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The Dreaded Window Shade

Written on February 21, 2006 by Kevin.

Babies'R'Us Window ShadeDo I feel ashamed of being a parent, of being a dad? No. But there are certain things that I would prefer not to have to put up in my car that make me stand out as your typical father. One of these things are those ugly baby window shades you see on every minivan in America.

Babies'R'Us sent us a stack of coupons a few weeks ago and the first coupon is for a free window shade. Maybe it was the fact that I have dark (near limo) tint on my back car windows, that I figured we could put this shade up with out it being noticed from the outside, or maybe I had just lost my mind. I joked with my wife that the shade would be branded heavily with Babies'R'Us name and I was right. We pull out the shade for the first time and right there, on a white background is Babies'R'Us written in big purple text.

Now let me straighten this up for you people that are a bit confused. First off, we have a terrible looking sunscreen that for some reason is white on one side and purple on another. Why these color choices? My tint is dark, but not dark enough to block out a big white shade that is right up against it. Now to make it worse, they add their name to it so now I am a walking advertisement. Granted, the shade was free and I understand their reason behind this but it still doesn't make me happy. Furthermore, with their branding, it is impossible to turn the shade horizontal so you can actually cover the window rather than a small portion. Who wants to drive around in a car with their name written on a shade that is basically crooked.

Mark my word, I will never become a father, in any type of car, that has multiple shades of different types on it. I refuse to purchase any shades other than a solid color, preferably black. I refuse to purchase any shade that is different than any other in the car, as to not bring even more attention to the fact that I have fallen into the god forsaken window shade group.

The bottom line is that I will not be using this freebie gift much at all. The only time that I can see myself using it would be when the family is taking a road trip and Rylan is getting a face full of sunny delight. Luckily, that is pretty rare with my current car window tint.


Those shades are so stupid. I bought 2 when my first son was born and they NEVER stayed on the window. Finally I threw them away and my husband put tint up which works better anyway.

Written by Julie on Feb 21, 2006

Buy a SunShade by Safety 1st. It's a sheet of brown plastic (or somesuch) which you apply to the window and then smooth out the air bubbles. It provides much more coverage than suction shades (the ones which you pull down like a window shade).

Two caveats. They are a pain to put on the window. You spend a lot of time trying to remove all the air bubbles. Also a bummer -- you can't roll down the window once the shade is applied.

On the plus side, they are reusable. There is no adhesive.

We have two cars, one with the SunShade and one with suction shades. I don't know the reason, but when we go on a trip my daughter always asks to ride in the SunShade car. It by far does a better job of keeping the sun out of her eyes.

Written by AJ on Feb 21, 2006

I agree with Julie...those roll down suction cup sun shades suck. Funny thing is I bought some that I think were Safety 1st from Babies R Us. I even bought a longer more expensive one for easier visibility out of the back window and it always fell off or rolled up.

I wish that I'd have known about the Safety 1st sunshade tint stuff. All cars should come with excellent tinting especially for those of us who live in sunny states.

Written by Jessica on Feb 21, 2006

I checked out the link AJ mentioned and that looks like the perfect sunshade idea ever!

Here is a Sponge Bob shade I don't think anyone would want others viewing, but I still think it's better than the Babies R Us freebie sunshade.

The next sunshade is called the White Hot Sunshade because it tells you if the car is too hot inside for the baby. Similar to those tub temperature readers:

Just thought I'd mention these.

Written by Jessica on Feb 23, 2006

I dont feel that I would have as much of a problem if the window shade was solid black, but it seems that the majority are made with the kid in mind. The plastic adhesive shades would certainly be an option that I would look into.

Thanks for the links.

Written by Kevin on Feb 23, 2006

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