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Trendy little baby shops, yikes.

Written on February 16, 2006 by Kevin.

We live in a city bordering Phoenix, Arizona and while we certainly are no Hollywood, we certainly have some of the trendy baby shops like they would. Throughout the news, you hear of new celebrity parents buying the best baby clothing and gear from the most trendy of places. This is great for them, but terrible for me.

Our downtown district has 2 known baby shops that both sell high price baby items and while they look nice, I cannot find the strength to willingly go into one of those stores. My wife tends to drag me around while pointing out every little item. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the excitement on her face when she sees an outfit or toy she would love to get Rylan but her excitement tends to show on my face as dollar signs.

My Dad's a GeekThe picture to the right, is clearly the Onesie that my son should be wearing everyday until he outgrows it. Now the question is not whether it is cute, it is. The question is, would you be willing to spend $22 for it? I certainly was not willing to do so, so it stayed on the rack. What I have realized is that while we would have certainly gotten our $22 worth out of it, that does not constitute a good enough reason to purchase it. Furthermore, I have found that high prices does not always equal high quality.

Lets rewind 9 months ago, my wife is just beginning to show her pregnant belly so we went out looking for maternity clothing. We come home with a few shirts in hand. My wife proceeds to throw them in the washing machine after reading the labels only to find out that they basically were ruined during the first wash. Granted, the shirts were certainly capable of being worn, they were just not in the same condition they were prior to the wash.

I guess this post could be considered a rant. A rant that clothing designers need to work harder at making a quality product and that small trendy shops need to lower their prices for the average Joe, or atleast for me when I walk into their store.


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