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Week in Review

Written on February 3, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

First off, let me say that teething is no walk in the park. Teething is a royal pain in my gums. Mommy and daddy have been trying to help but I am still fussy at times. The doctor says that teething gels are not good and that we should not try them because the gel can go down my throat and cause me to choke.

As I mentioned last week, my grandma came to see me. She came for my mommy's birthday, yay mommy! She was pleasantly surprised on how big I have grown since she had last seen me. 3 months is a long time to go without seeing a baby my age. I have grown into a handsome young man since she last saw me.

We all went out to dinner for my mommy's birthday and I went ahead and slept through the evening. I hear the food was great though and I can only wait until I can get my hands on it. Nothing sounds better than gnawing on a big steak right about now.

My mom picked up enough money to nearly clear out the video store. Luckily for me and dad, she picked out movies that we all would enjoy. In fact, mommy is now looking for movies that dad used to like as a kid and would maybe want to share with me when I grow up. I think dad mentioned something about Thundercats.

I get to try my luck at Bambi II on Saturday so next week I will certainly report on how that went. Hopefully its filled with kids just like me. I enjoy watching the other babies.


Happy Birthday, Rylan's Mom!

Written by Karen on Feb 3, 2006

:) Thanks.

Written by Rylan's Mommy on Feb 3, 2006

He is growing up so fast and already teething, wow! I hope this sleepless nights are kept to a minimum.

Written by Gia on Feb 6, 2006

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