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Week in Review

Written on February 10, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

On Saturday, my mom and dad took me to see the Bambi II movie. My dad sure tries hard but he never seems to know where anything is. He ended up getting us lost a little bit but its OK, I still love him.

The movie turned out great. There were only parents and other kids there. I think I was the youngest baby though. When the movie was about to start, I got fussy because I needed a changing but after that, I fell asleep in mommy's arms and was out for half of the movie. I hear the beginning of the movie was good though. The second half consisted of mommy and daddy trying to balance watching the movie and keeping me entertained. They did a good job however and I didn't make a peep until the credits kicked in. Overall, it was a success. Btw, mommy and daddy recommend buying the movie as they said it was pretty good.

Dad decided not to take me to the Final Destination 3 movie because he didn't want my ears to be damaged or something. I guess some of those movies can get pretty loud for little ears like mine.

What other big thing happened this week you ask? Well, daddy finally figured out what can make me laugh pretty often. All that it takes, is for him to laugh at me while pushing air out of his mouth. Boy do I like it. I get all wound up and ready to laugh in no time. Mommy and daddy sure seem to enjoy it as well. Of course, once they whip out the video camera, I stop. I wouldn't want them to have any good video of my secret and illusive laugh. It's top secret, ya know.


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