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Week in Review

Written on February 17, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Tomorrow I turn 4 months old. Does it seem that long? I certainly don't think so.

My mom noticed recently that I have begun crying in different ways now. Dad even mentioned that my screams have gotten louder and higher pitch. In fact, I think they said I sounded like a screaming girl. I was not too happy with that. They must not understand that I am trying to get used to my voice and just exploring things. Speaking of which, I have been really chatty lately and I can break out conversation with myself at any time. It keeps me entertained and calm.

My teething is really getting to me lately, its even affecting my eating. I just can't seem to stay focused on eating when my mouth hurts. Mom and dad help a lot with their medicines but what happens when they don't have it around? Its not that fun.

Oh boy, did you see me sitting at my new table that daddy found? Its the coolest! Its the perfect size for a little handsome man like myself. I cant wait until I can sit at it by myself. Maybe I will bring girls over to check it out. Now that I think about it, my mom's cousins baby is about 7months old now and she may be coming over today. I am really excited to meet another baby and get the chance to interact with her. No worries everyone, my dad will probably take pictures, he can't seem to keep the camera down. What a goof ball.


This guys is flippin' cute. I cannot believe it has been 4 months. He looks much older, like a 6 month old, is that much older? Well his face is adorable.

Written by Gia on Feb 17, 2006

Granted this is our first child, we feel his development rate is much faster than your average baby. We definetly think he will be special, hell he already teaches us alot of things.

Written by Kevin on Feb 17, 2006

Congratulations on the 4 month milestone!

Sorry to hear about your teeth aching, please just don't bite the breast that feeds you.

Everyone said Alexis cried like a raspy boy so don't be too mad if they think you sound like a really are just figuring out your voice. You might even get a cool deep voice like James Earl Jones, to impress your future babygirl friends when they come over to see your cool table.

Written by Jessica on Feb 20, 2006

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