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Aww shucks, he lost.

Written on March 22, 2006 by Kevin. recently finished up their Ugly Baby Contest. This was the sites counter to the Regis and Kelly baby contest that they recently had.

As a parent, It's understandable to believe that you have a wonderful looking son but I am not against showing off the fact that sometimes, my son just doesn't look too pleasant. I submitted Rylan to the ugly baby contest in hopes of winning one of the prizes they were giving away. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Rylan lost. In other words, Rylan is not the ugliest kid in the contest. While this makes me and my wife proud, we were a bit bummed about losing out on the $25 Amazon gift card.

Now for the kids parents who won, I am not sure if I should congratulate or simply keep my mouth shut. When is it a good thing to be told you have the ugliest kid? Is there a time and place? I guess the prizes can make the hurt feel better.


Newborns should've been disqualified. How can one not look ugly after being born? It's not a day at the spa...

I should've submitted my son.

Written by Jared on Mar 22, 2006

Maybe Rylan hasn't decompressed yet after birth. OK, but then let's see the emotion. Let's see a kid who looks like he was chased 10 city blocks by a pack of dogs, escaped into the sewer where he crawled through miles of muck with rats nipping at his toes, got dumped by a pipeline out into the ocean amid raw sewage, treaded water for two hours as he was taken by the tide and, finally, when he washed up on the beach, some jerk in an ATV drove over him, planting Rylan's face firmly in the wet sad. Then put daddy at the scene with a camera and we will see an unsightly baby.

Rylan looks like maybe he's smelling daddy's fart. The kid just ain't ugly.

But kudos for entering the contest. Only two dads did so. Moms dominated the field. What's up with that?

Written by Judge AJ on Mar 22, 2006

I've had a night to sleep on it and I've decided I was too harsh. OK, Rylan is kind of ugly.

What? WHAT? Oh, I just can't win with you.

Written by Judge AJ on Mar 23, 2006

There is no doubt that Rylan looks like he is taking a monsterous poop.

Written by Kevin on Mar 23, 2006

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