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Diapers for Daddy's

Written on March 6, 2006 by Kevin.

It seems to me that women just have a instinct on how to care for a baby. While every parent has massive amounts of learning to do, women seem to pick up on it all very quickly. At least more quickly than men.

My wife and my sisters can both agree that my first attempt at changing Rylan's diaper was a complete failure. In fact, I still have a difficult time getting everything lined up as its supposed to be. One of the reminders that I heard from many people is that when changing your babies diaper, simply remember that the character always faces forward. That's great. Make changing of the diaper easier for men. These types of tips are always helpful the first bit after delivery.

My wife and I went months with diapers that went along with this technique of always having the character in the front. Four months later now, we opened a new bag of Pampers (I believe) and what do I see, characters everywhere. Characters on the front, the back and if I look closely, they are probably on the inside as well. Now don't get me wrong, I know how to generally put on a diaper now but for new dads these diapers could be hell. The old technique of characters in the front has gone out the window. Now the only thing you can tell new fathers is to put the tabs near the child's back but that just doesn't seem to flow like characters in the front did.

Is it pathetic that men need made up techniques like this? Sure it is, but atleast it gets us through the diaper changing experience.


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