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Hey there hot stuff.

Written on March 9, 2006 by Kevin.

Rylan has begun showing interest in girls. No, I'm not talking about other babies; I'm talking about women who are atleast 20 times his age. Where he got this from is anyone's guess.

Yesterday, we had some errands to run and stopped at the mall. Rylan took a liking to the cashier at Sears and more importantly, he admired the girl at the Disney Store. I think that this excites my wife just as much as she thinks its her way into the Disney empire.

Leaving the mall, Rylan was told how cute he was (by a bum) and this just egged him on. He now seems to be staring at all of the women he sees. While at Disneyland, Rylan would interact with the other boy babies however would only take short looks at the girls. He now cannot be unlocked from his hypnotic trance when it comes to the older women. What may be the funniest part of all is that while he is in the trance, he says nothing but once we leave, he begins to talk. Talking like he is trying to tell us how good looking the woman was. Maybe he is talking to himself in hopes of boosting his confidence and gaining enough courage to talk to the next woman who passes by. It certainly gives a new form of entertainment for us and the women he admires.


Poor Rylan, he has the same shyness every man has about talking to women.

Lucky for him and his mommy he's making big wig friends with Disney employees.

I'll bet Rylan has a network of Disney friends since he's been to the park and the shop.

Written by Jessica on Mar 13, 2006

He inherited the shyness from me I guess. As for Disney, I don't think Rylan has a bunch of Disney friends yet but he certainly seems to enjoy looking at his stuffed mickey toy we got him a while back. My wifes goal is to get Rylan to become Mickey, as in, work at Disneyland as Mickey. We are going to have to wait a few years before that can happen.

Written by Kevin on Mar 14, 2006

Well don't wait too long Mickey's character is supposed to be short. I grew up in Orlando and Disney World was always hiring teens, but wanted short ones. I had a friend 5'4 or shorter and they told her she had to play Mickey because she was too tall for Minnie. I'm 5'6, so I'd probably play Goofy. Since Rylan being a boy he's bound to be tall, so get him in the mickey mouse club they still have mousketeers?

Written by Jessica on Mar 18, 2006

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