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Price per Pound.

Written on March 14, 2006 by Kevin.

Any parent can likely agree that once that baby arrives, you begin to lose it. Your mind simply does not work the same as it did before. You look at things differently. Understandably, you cannot put a price tag on your child as they are priceless but when I was out grocery shopping the other day, It hit me, you can price your child by the pound.

What does this mean exactly? Take produce for example, the majority is simply sold by the pound. They are each given a value regardless of their physical size or appearance. They are simply measured in pounds. From now on, I can tell people that Rylan is worth X amount of dollars by simply taking his current weight and multiplying it by the current price of bananas. Ingenious!

So with this in mind, lets see how much my son is worth (in produce).
Rylan was last weighed at 14lbs 8oz.

Apples ($.88lb) - $12.76
Bananas ($.49lb) - $7.10
Green Seedless Grapes ($.77lb) - $11.16
Large Hass Avocados ($.99lb) - $14.50
Cauliflower ($.99lb) - $14.50
Sweet Onions ($1.29lb) - $18.70
Black Seedless Grapes ($1.99lb) - $28.85
Tender Asparagus ($1.99lb) - $28.85
Navel Oranges ($.79lb) - $11.45
Chilean Peaches ($1.79lb) - $25.95
D'Anjou Pears ($.77lb) - $11.16

Of course this will work for meats as well..
Boneless Beef Tenderloin ($7.88lb) - $114.26

How much is your child worth in produce or other grocery goods?


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