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Mini Review: Learn-Along Leap

Written on March 28, 2006 by Kevin.

There are some toys that Rylan seems to really enjoy and others that he does not. The Learn-Along Leap is one of those toys that he can't seem to get enough of. Rylan will find interest with Leap whether we are out driving around or just laying in his crib.

Last night we laid out some foam pads onto the ground and let Rylan slide and roll all over it. His Leap toy was leading the way and giving him a reason to continue on. Once he was able to reach it, we would let him take it and it would go straight to his mouth. Leaps arms are getting abuse from all of the teething that Rylan is having to deal with.

Leap sings the A-B-Cs and Rylan seems mesmerized when I turn it on. He begins to get happy and when I sing with Leap, Rylan goes into hyper drive. Every muscle in his body is working at showing his excitement.

This was definitely a good choice in toys to pick out.


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