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Parenting advice. Positive or Negative?

Written on March 15, 2006 by Kevin.

I have mentioned it here in the past, and will likely do so again, people give you advice when you are pregnant that is simply wrong. Wrong in the sense that the advice may not pertain to our child as it did with the person giving the advice.

One of the big things that my wife and I heard throughout the pregnancy was that we should not buy 0-3 month clothing as Rylan will grow so quickly that the purchased clothing will be for no good. My wife loves to shop, for anything. This includes baby clothing. We found multiple bargains on eBay for bunches of clothing for great prices and overall, we are happy with our purchases. Most of the bunches had 0-3 month items with some scattered 3-9months.

Rylan is coming up to 5 months old now and still wears around 90% of his 0-3month clothing. How can this be? Multiple people told me not to buy 0-3month clothing. Is Rylan not growing like other babies? Wrong. Rylan is at the 50% percentile for both weight and height.

The bottom line is that advice should be taken with a grain of salt. There are multiple people at my work who are currently pregnant or just had a baby. Do I give them advice? Sure I do, but I do it by first thinking of my answer. I refuse to tell a new parent something that turns out to be flat out wrong.

A word of advice, when you are about to say "you should not..." when it comes to pregnancy/baby, try changing it up to say "in my experience...". It will make every ones life easier.

Has anyone else had this problem with incorrect advice being given to you? What about clothing, did your child burn through it or take their time? Leave a comment and let us know.

(dang I seem grouchy lately)


I tend to shy from giving advice, unless I'm explicitly asked. So much of parenting is figuring out what works best for the parent and child; general advice is generally less than useful.

By the same token, I take any unsolicited advice with a grain of salt. I smile, nod, and do whatever works best.

As far as clothing goes, my son was in the 90th percentile for height throughout much of his first year. As a nearly-three-year-old who's regularly mistaken for a four-year-old, he goes through clothes fairly quickly - he jumped from 2T to 4T.

Written by Jared on Mar 15, 2006

Yup...I'm probably the worst about giving advice when it's not wanted or possibly offensive. I simply feel socially rejected usually. When it comes to parenting I try to pass on knowledge I have learned or have been taught which makes me feel part of the crowd...even if that crowd is thinking 'that woman is crazy'.

It's just really hard not to say you shouldn't instead of in my experience. Thanks for pointing it out to those of us who don't always think before we talk. I agree about taking peoples advice with a grain of salt.

Alexis nearly skipped wearing all of her 12 month outfits, funny thing is 3 of them still fit her at 19 months when some of her 18 month clothes don't. Alexis is also usually in the 50% for weight and height, but was in the 60% for weight at 18 months...good thing too because of stomach virus season always hitting in Jan.

I'm sorry you were told not to buy 0-3 month outfits because as smart people who give advice say 'every baby is different'(I've heard that saying...I just need to apply it). I guess this allowed your wife to do some more shopping though. Retail Thearapy for getting over incorrect advice.

Written by Jessica on Mar 16, 2006

You simply can't trust the listed age for garments. One, garment manufacturers size clothing differently from each other. Two, with second-hand clothes you don't know how many kids the clothes have gone through -- how much the clothes have shrunk.

Keep tabs on your box of clothes you have stored away for the next age range. Sometimes there are things your kid should be wearing now.

Written by AJ on Mar 18, 2006

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