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Another step forward...

Written on March 1, 2006 by Kevin.

Rylan eatingAlong with my Birthday came Rylan's four month doctor check-up. The results were great. Even though people say he is a long baby, his weight and height were both in the 50% percentile. His head though was in the 50-75%. That just confirms that we have a smarter than average baby, not that we are bragging. My wife has been looking forward to this day for a while and we were finally given the OK to start feeding Rylan rice cereal.

Later that evening, we began the journey of solid foods. Starting with what is likely the dullest tasting food possible. The trick to feeding babies the rice cereal and other bland foods is a dash of apple juice. This is doctor approved after all.

Rylan took to the cereal pretty well. With understanding, he wanted to suck on the spoon rather than swallow as we normally would but overtime, you could see him improve while his patience slowly ran away. He made feeding much more difficult when he began to cry but we found that giving him a spoonful and then letting him suck his finger gets the food down with minimal effort.

We have now fed him a total of 3 bowls of cereal and each time, you could already see massive improvements. My wife fed him the second time within our room where he is probably more comfortable rather than the less often used high chair. The food was eating with minimal crying and fussing. Last night was my turn, where I got to feed him the entire bowl and I have to give my son a pat on the back because he took it like a champ. He took down the entire bowl without a single cry. In fact, he kept sticking his head out for more food like he was really enjoying it.

We can only hope that Rylan will do well at feeding. We have been really lucky with Rylan's sleep and just general attitude. He is not an insanely fussy baby, and we really enjoy that. We look forward to watching his progress as any parent would.

For those who just dislike seeing pictures of children with food all over their face, I think I will be keeping it to a minimum.


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