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Inquiring minds want to know..

Written on March 13, 2006 by Kevin.

For quite some time now, Rylan has been wanting to hold our cups or bottles. He immediately takes hold of them and moves them towards his mouth and aims the end of the cup or bottle right into his mouth. This goes for straws too.

We decided that it would be fun to see if he would use a sippy cup. I have heard in the past that it was sometimes hard to get a child to use a sippy cup as they are used to drinking out of a bottle or other measures. Rylan however seems to have taken to the sippy cup quite well. He has the movements down it seems and with the easy grips, he can hold it himself for quite some time.

One thing that I have noticed though is that he tends to simply gnaw at the rubber tip rather than drink from it. When he does suck from it, his eyes open wide as if he wasn't expecting something to come out. As for now, we are only giving him water but in time, it will progress into whatever else the pediatrician will let us try.

My wife and I are always pointing out ways that Rylan is extremely smart and we make comments on how we have never heard of seen a baby progress so quickly so I am putting the question out there, is Rylan's sippy cup actions advanced for his age? He has been doing this since about 4 months old now. Is this normal behavior? We would love to know. Please leave a comment with your opinion on the matter and let us know what ways your child has advanced more quickly than others too. Thanks.


Our daughter was over a year before we even tried a sippy cup and it took a while for her to learn to suck properly.

I've been told that dentists recommend sippy cups with straws to others W/O straws because they are supposed to keep juices away from teeth (for those babies that are of juice drinking age). I'm also going to ask the Peditrician about watering down those baby electrolyte drinks say about 50% - 50% especially since they are healither and better for hydration than regular juices seem to be. I'll let you know what he says (which should be in a few weeks or so for our next visit) since you live in a hot as heck during the summer months climate too.

Written by Jessica on Mar 13, 2006

I don't remember the age that we began to use the sippy cups with our babies, but they basically went straight to a cup from nursing. They never used a bottle, is what I am trying to say.

I remember hearing, however, that the sippy cups that have the vacuum thingy in it, don't know if they even make them anymore, was very bad for speech development and also the mechanics of the cup seemed to harbor lots of bacteria. I believe the cups were made by Playtex at the time.

DH and I have decided that we will go back to the old fashioned type, the one that allows tons of spillage and little in the mouth, at first.

It's been fun watching you raise your first born so far. I remember the days we couldn't wait to try things. Now, with number 6, we are holding back on everything! Time goes by so fast!

Written by Karen on Mar 14, 2006

I will have to take into consideration about the bacteria in the sippy cup. We are certainly not pushing Rylan towards a sippy cup but mainly we were curious to see how well he would do with one since he seems so interested in drinking from our glasses. It is a rare occasion that we actually give it to him simply because he doesnt do too much with it.

Written by Kevin on Mar 14, 2006

Babies are so fun to watch while they are learning or trying new things. As parents we too learn new things as our children do.

We went to the Dr. and he said most babies over a year can alternate drinking Gatorade then water when they have an upset tummy since most hate pedilyte by then. Our Dr. also recommended adding 50% water to 50% either pedilyte or Gatorade since Alexis won't drink the water especially after she's had the sweeter pedilyte. The Dr. said by doing 50% - 50% you won't have to worry about them taking in too much salt as if they just drank nothing but the Pedilyte. He also recommended staying away from Grapes, Raisins, Prunes, Applesauce, (but not apples) since they have a laxative effect. The Dr. also said to stay away from all dairy until the bm turns back to normal for 3-4 days then dairy products can be reintroduced slowly. Just FYI for anyone a baby's diet after unset of loose BM tummy issues is the B.R.A.T. diet for about the first 24 hours: Bananas, Rice, Apples, Tea, (very little sugar).

Use soap free luke warm baby wash cloths instead of irritating wipes (even unscented can irritate), use lots of cream with Zinc Oxide (Desitin Creamy or A+D), change diapers very often or use incontinence bed pads (or pet 'potty' training pads) to line the area your baby is in if the baby isn't mobile yet so they can be diaper free and you can just toss the mess. Please note you should watch your baby if using the pads to insure the baby won't suffocate and doesn't remain in any mess. I'm currently going to try using soap free Johnson & Johnson's Baby Wash to see if that too doesn't irritate the skin as much to help speed rash healing time.

I know to some parents this is old or odd news, but I thought I'd share what I've learned since it took 1 1/2 years or 5 I can't stand to see her so miserable stomach viruses to learn. I also apologize if this comment bothers anyone; I simply meant it to be informative since my experiences have taken so long to learn.

Written by Jessica on Mar 16, 2006

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