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Sitting proudly.

Written on March 20, 2006 by Kevin.

I mentioned a few days ago that Rylan had been doing things that made us believe that he was nearly ready to be sitting up. This mainly was the fact that when he was on his back, you could see him lifting his head and shoulders up in hopes of getting up all of the way. He had been doing that for a few weeks now.

Rylan is now 5 months old as of last Friday and on that day, he hit another milestone by successfully being able to sit up. He is now able to sit up enough so that he can play with his toys before he decides to just flop over onto his back. He seems to really enjoy his new ability. I imagine most babies are similar but Rylan seems to be very anxious to get moving and onto his feet. This is certainly a positive step towards his ultimate goal, mobility.


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