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Review: BuggyBagg

Written on March 21, 2006 by Kevin.

The BuggyBagg is by far our favorite new baby item. My wife found out about this product from a local baby shop and has been aching for Rylan to be ready to sit up in a grocery cart so that we could purchase it. Rylan is now at that point where we don't need to keep him in the carrier and either lug him around or place him in the grocery cart. Rylan now has the freedom of sitting in the cart like a big kid but remain safe.

We have yet to find a problem with this BuggyBagg. First and foremost, the thing works. It works on every grocery cart that we have tried it with. It worked from a very small shopping cart to the extremely large Costco cart. Each time, remaining just as safe and secure as the others. The BuggyBagg has 2 bottle holders and 2 loops to hook toys onto. A small pillow even comes with it which we have used quite a bit. The pillow works great to keep Rylan sitting up right as well as when we know he is tired, we can put the pillow in one corner and simply lay him down. This keeps him very snugly in the seat and lets him sleep comfortably. The entire thing is padded and despite what the image shows, they have some nice patterns rather than only crazy colors.

We did pay a bit more for this BuggyBagg rather than one you could find from Target for maybe half the price but even I, being the cheap guy that I am, feel this was a good purchase. As mentioned before, we have yet to find anything negative about it. The bag even zips up at the end of the day so you can keep it clean and everything in order. With 2 large pockets, this thing could easily convert to a small diaper bag as well.

For those people who don't understand why exactly we would need something like this, let me give you some quick facts that I dug up. I think that these are good enough reasons to spend the money on any of the grocery cart covers.

  • A study shows that 54% of shopping carts sampled for bodily fluids failed the hygiene test. (Only the handles were tested...does not include the seating area that touches your child.)
  • 21% of handles in that study tested positive for at least one bodily fluid (blood, mucus, saliva, urine, etc.)ยน
  • Bacteria, molds, and viruses can live on solid surfaces for long periods of time before they die (hours, days, or maybe even longer).
  • People can touch an average of 300 surfaces in 30 minutes.


From the Buggy Bagg's website the pillow looks detachable and I was wondering if it is or if it can be secured so baby can't pull it out from behind them.

I would also like to see some pictures of Rylan in his new Buggy Bag.

I just thought of something...You could take pictures of Rylan and the products (toys, etc) that he uses, then post them on your site; by doing so maybe a company representative will see Rylan and have him do some modeling. I figured this would be a fairly cheap way of starting his modeling career since ya'll have had some shots taken already.

Written by Jessica on Mar 22, 2006

I planned on getting a shot with Rylan for this post however the timeframe was rushed so I couldnt. I will likely take a couple photos one day and make them the picture of the day.

As for the pillow, it is detachable. We use the pillow in front of Rylan so that he can basically lean on it. I dont recall a way of securing it so that cant be pulled out from behind the child.

Written by Kevin on Mar 22, 2006

I guess having it lose is best so it might not stay in place for suffocation or something.

I look forwards to seeing more pics of Rylan in his Buggy Bag.

I love the current pics of Rylan sleeping...he's too cute awake and asleep.

BTW: How are the bottles working out?

Written by Jessica on Mar 29, 2006

The bottles are working out great. Thanks again. I am working on completing a new review for a product that has yet to hit the market. Your bottles that you sent us have worked great with it. Look forward to the new review in coming days.

Written by Kevin on Mar 29, 2006

Thanks for the great review.

Have you used this as a high chair cover also? I have been looking at reviews and am trying to figure out if I should purchase the original buggybagg version or the new buggybagg junior?

Do you have any suggestions?

Written by Debbie on May 16, 2007

We have not attempted to use this buggybagg as a high chair cover. I have always been a bit interested in trying it though because the standard high chair is not as wide as a standard cart.

Written by Kevin on May 17, 2007

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