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Rylan's Throne aka the Bumbo

Written on March 30, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife and I found out about the Bumbo before Rylan was born and we knew that it was one of the things that we would want to purchase when we had a chance. When Rylan was old enough to be able to hold his head up and had enough back strength, we purchased the Bumbo on EBay. We picked up a decent deal by buying it from EBay we think.

They do not sell these Bumbos in your normal store like Babies'R'Us. In fact, they will look at you confused if you even ask. We did however recently see a few at Burlington Coat Factory. This does not seem to be the norm however.

The idea behind the Bumbo is so that the child can sit up and be fully supported. They are designed to help keep the child in and stay safe. I have heard from one mother though that her son was able to tip the Bumbo over. This does not seem very likely though as the base is very wide. We placed Rylan in this from time to time and at first he hated it. He would cry once he knew you were getting it ready for him. Now months later, he has really begun to enjoy it.

The Bumbo has no loops but toys can be placed in his lap and keep him entertained for a bit while we eat which is always nice. I have seen numerous pictures of parents placing their child in the Bumbo and then putting the Bumbo onto the kitchen counter. Their idea is that the child is happier when they can see the adult. This simply blows me away. Regardless how sturdy it may appear, would you really want to risk your child on the counter top? Craziness.

I think that the Bumbo has worked out nicely for us and I would suggest it to others. I believe that it can work with children a couple of years old so the investment seems justified.


I agree that you don't see Bumbo seats at most stores which is weird since they are so popular online. I wish I would've learned about these when Alexis was she never wants to sit down. I think Bumbo seats are a must for every baby.

I think when parents read the applications section on th Bumbo website that they get confused about the part that states: Use on any level Surface. Come on people, that doesn't mean an elevated surface at which your child can fall from! I've seen my ex-step mother put my step brother (now 5) in a bouncer on the kitchen table while she had her back to him cooking.

Written by Jessica on Mar 30, 2006

Could you please tell me if baby bumbo seats are sold at Babies R Us?

Thank you.

Written by phyllis on May 1, 2006

Phyllis, If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have told you that they do not sell Bumbos at Babies R Us. My wife and I stopped in this weekend however and I saw an open one placed to the side.

So the possibility is there that they may now be selling the Bumbo but I would suggest calling before you make a trip.

Written by Kevin on May 1, 2006

Definetly call before you go to BRU -- I've been to two BRU stores, two Target's and a Walmart. None had any in stock. Seems like the best option is to go to Ebay.

Written by Alicia on May 6, 2006

Bright Ideas Baby had all the colors in stock when we bought our Bumbos.

As a mom of twins, we found eating at friends houses near impossible (since none of our friends have 2 high chairs). Once we got the Bumbo Seats we were booking dinner dates and getting out more because our boys enjoyed eating in their Bumbo Baby Sitters and they were so easy to bring with us and clean! We got our Bumbo Seats at - we bought from Bright Ideas Baby because they provided a lot of information about the Bumbo Seat and they had free shipping options. That link provided answered all our questions? hopefully it will help you too.

We loved the Bumbo Seat so much, both of our Bumbo Seats have been handed down to friends and family now that our boys are too big for them (which made us pretty popular with the parents who received them). The twins fit in the Bumbo Seat until they were about a year old ? I just wish they had large sizes.

Written by TwinMama on Sep 5, 2006

For all those who are curious about this seat, it is wonderful!! It works great for your baby's very first feedings, if you don't want to deal with a high chair for a few extra weeks or if you happen to be at someone elses house. My mom bought one for both her house and my house.

Another really weird thing is that I keep ours in the bathroom, because my baby is very needy and goes crazy if she can't see me. So, when I have to go, I take her with me and give her a book to look at or a toy to play with at the same time. She seems really happy, so it has turned out to be a lifesaver.

Written by Debbie on May 17, 2007

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