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Week in Review

Written on March 10, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Yams. Sweet potatoes. Whatever you want to call them, I'm eating them. My mom spoke to the doctor and she said that I could begin feeding on orange vegetables then I can move onto the green stuff. Mommy and daddy bought a food processor to make fresh food for me and so far, I think I like it. Tomorrow, I might get to try some carrots. Yippy. I think the fact that my poopy is changing is funny, I don't know about mommy or daddy though.

My daddy has been working hard lately at work. He has been needing to spend more time at the office and even having to go in at night to fix computer problems. I don't like it when he is gone for a long time. In fact, yesterday he had to take a work trip to Nogales, Mexico to help set up a new part of the office. He was gone all day and I just couldn't take it so I got fussy. Really fussy. Mommy had to hear my screaming for hours yesterday. Nothing would calm me down. Once dad got home though, I was OK again. Daddy's are really important.

Mom and dad let me pick out some toys when we went to Target the other day. I picked out a new stuffed animal and baby book that both attach to my new shopping cart cover. Mommy picked out the Buggy Bagg and so far I love it. I can sit up in it like normal or if I am feeling tired, I can lay down in it as well. Its really soft and has a nice pillow too. I think daddy will be talking about it more later.


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