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Week in Review

Written on March 17, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Top o' the mornin' to all you leprechauns out there. I don't even know what a leprechaun is but i think its a funny word. In fact, a lot of things are becoming funny to me and daddy is doing a good job finding out what they are. Daddy loves to make me laugh and mom does too but she seems to have a more difficult time getting me too. I like to make it special for her when I finally decide to laugh. She just loves it.

My great grandma is coming back to see me today. She is the one who loves to sing to me. I need to get my dad to take me to his grandmas house because its been a while since I had a chance to see her. They would be amazed at my growth.

I tried my luck at carrots this week and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. These vegetables aren't terrible. Mommy likes to make me dinner and then dad gets to serve it to me sometimes. Its really nice when he feeds me because he is gone all day at work. I like to spend the extra time with him. He's my daddy and I sure love him.

Of course, I love my mommy too. She stays with me all day while daddy is at work. I get a bit bored with her but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate her taking care of me. She is the best mommy around. Hands down.

I think I will go ask mommy if I can have some green colored apple juice to go with this fine St. Patrick's Day. If old people can have green apple juice, why can't I?


The kid looks exactly like you did as a child, what a resemblance.

Written by Gia on Mar 18, 2006

Stay at home moms ROCK :) Thumbs up!

Written by Julie on Mar 18, 2006

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