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Baby on Board.

Written on April 12, 2006 by Kevin.

When it came to car rides, Rylan for the most part was OK however there were plenty of times that he wanted to let himself be heard and yell out. We believed that because the car seat is facing away from us, this causes him to get worried that we have abandoned him. Despite talking with him, sometimes he just wouldn't calm down.

When our tax return came back, my wife made a good suggestion that we should pick up a new and safer car seat. At the time, we were still using the car seat that came with our stroller. While this worked, we felt that a safer car seat would be worth while. After doing a lot of researching, we decided on the Britax Decathlon. Expensive, yes. Safe, yes. This was rated as one of the safest car seats available and seeing as it will last a few years, we felt this was a great buy.

One of the first things that we noticed with the new car seat was that it was much higher up. This allowed Rylan to see out the windows at eye level and get a new look on life. He really seems to enjoy this because he keeps quiet 99% of the time now. When he isn't staring out into the world, he is napping. The car seat is much more comfortable it seems . I miss being able to take a sleeping Rylan out of the car without having to remove him from the car seat but I think the increased safety is certainly a good payoff.


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