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Half of a year and counting...

Written on April 19, 2006 by Kevin.

Its been a half a year now since Rylan was born. My wife and I have changed thousands of diapers. My wife has fed Rylan gallons of milk. Rylan has pee'd on us numerous times but does it feel like 6 months? No.

Rylan went in for his 6 month doctors checkup and received a few more shots. Normally, he is pretty good when it comes to shots but this time my wife says he wasn't so well off. A fussy baby was scheduled for the rest of the evening.

My wife noticed just yesterday that Rylan is possibly showing signs of 3 maybe 4 teeth total that are making their way in. The little guy can definitely bite down now and pack a serious punch. Bruising and swelling are involved when he gets his teeth on your fingers.

The 6 month marks a milestone in eating as well. The books and pediatrician recommend holding off on fruits until the child is 6 months old. Now that it has come, Rylan got his first taste of a banana. He did not seem to care for it very much though. An unfortunate event.

As for Rylan's statistics, I don't know the exact measurements but I can say that he is in the 75% for height. When we are out in public, people are always amazed that he is only 6 months old. They tell us all the time that he is big and while we always believed it as well, the doctors always confirmed he was of average height. It is nice to hear that he is in fact longer than your average baby.

I look forward to seeing what the next 6 months holds for Rylan and the family.


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