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Picking a winner.

Written on April 13, 2006 by Kevin.

It has become apparent that Rylan is definitely beginning to enjoy toys more. This is shown whenever we go through the toy isle and Rylan catches a glimpse. He will lock onto things and when we stop to show him, he immediately wants to hold it and most likely wants to eat it. I didn't realize that he would be doing this so soon.

We have let Rylan pick out a few of his toys now. One of them being a baby safe mirror. The mirror caught his eye when passing through Target one day and he was just drawn to it. He has always enjoyed staring at himself and the mirror gives him the opportunity while he is in his crib. The addition of toys around the frame can keep him entertained for a bit.

We enjoy putting 2 toys up for Rylan to see and having him choose. We would rather choose a toy that he has an interest in rather than one we only like. Who knows, maybe Rylan feels more confident when he gets to choose his own toys.


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