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Rylan's first dip in the pool.

Written on April 10, 2006 by Kevin.

It is that time of the year again here in Arizona when the weather warms up and the pools seem inviting.

While my wife and I both hate the warm weather, we have been looking forward to being able to take Rylan to the pool and let him try it out for himself. We picked him up one of the baby boats so that he could basically sit in the water without going all of the way in. Along with a shade, this should be a great thing to have in future trips.

The temperature on Saturday was warm like it always is but not warm enough. We were the only people at our community pool and I understand why. The water was freezing. After blowing up the boat, we slowly moved Rylan into the water and then placed him in the boat. A quick squeal came from him so we readjusted him so that he lay in the boat rather than sit in it. He enjoyed this and played with some toys for about 20minutes before getting bored of it all.

The SunSmart Ticklish Turtle Sunshade Float is great. It seems sturdy and the shade does a great job at keeping the sun away. The boat also includes a small area for water and toys. Rylan really seemed to enjoy lounging around as we floated him around the pool.

We look forward to a warmer pool in the summer and allowing Rylan to try the water out more.


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