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Written on April 26, 2006 by Kevin.

ScrapblogAs mentioned in the past, my wife has been big into scrapbooking over the past couple of years. I recently came across a new website at which essentially allows you to create a scrapbook online. I do have to say though that the site is still in beta and is sometimes difficult to work with.

The idea for the site is great I think. They don't have simple cookie cutter templates which would make it dull and boring. You have full control over how your page is laid out and with a lot of different backgrounds, stickers and other options, this has real potential for taking off.

My wife and I have both created a few pages with Rylan's pictures in them. They provide you with a public (or private) website that you can give to others to view your creations. I would however recommend to the Scrapblog folks that they create an export option that we can then use for printing out the creation.

I am very curious to see how this website goes and see just how many options they will be able to offer. From all accounts though, this looks like a winner.

For those interesting in checking out Rylan's scrapblog, click here.


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