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Week in Review

Written on April 21, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

It has been 6 months since I was born and a lot of changes have certainly taken place. I remember just the other day when I would pee on mom and dad, oops I forgot, I still do that occasionally.

One of the big milestones that I have enjoyed over the past couple of months would definitely be being able to sit up. I now don't have to rely on my mommy to get me a toy when I can reach for it myself. Sometimes I like to sit in the shopping cart and I get to look around more.

From what I hear, another 6 months from now and I will be hanging out in Disneyland. Well, that's the plan atleast. Celebrating my first birthday at Disneyland with Mickey would be great. I know mom and dad would have a heck of a time taking pictures.

As for this last week, more teeth keep coming in. A second tooth has broken the surface and my mom thinks more are on their way. I have been a lot more fussy lately because of this. I have had to fight my mom and try to keep her hands out of my mouth. That's another reason why I am so fussy. Yes mom, I am talking about you.

Fruits. I am on to trying new fruits now and I have to say, they are different. Mom says I get the funniest pucker face when I taste a peach. I don't think its so funny but once I get over that initial flavor, I suck on it more and seem to enjoy it. I think mom has a bunch more things for me to try, this could get interesting.


This little gadget is cool. They don't have them in Walmart or Kmart you have to get it at BabiesRUs or something like that. It has a net so you put any kind of food in it and the baby sucks on it but can't get big pieces stuck in their mouth. It's neat but very messy...

Written by Julie on Apr 21, 2006

We picked one of those up at our local grocery store and have used it a couple of times. For one, its a pain to get cleaned completely but it does work and Rylan seems to enjoy using it. He gets to control his eating on his own which he seems to like.

Written by Kevin on Apr 21, 2006

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