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Another trip to Disneyland

Written on May 22, 2006 by Kevin.

Another successful trip to Disneyland has come and gone. My wife and I had planned on taking Rylan to Disneyland in a few weeks however due to the cooler weather and lighter crowds, we pushed it forward to the other day. The trip to California was pretty easy with Rylan sleeping the majority of the way or otherwise keeping himself occupied.

As before, we understood that some rides would be off limits for us and Rylan but we didn't let that stop us from the big rides this time. My wife and I used the Disneyland child swap pass to make life easier when riding Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. The child swap pass, as mentioned months ago, allows one parent to stand in line and then enjoy the ride. Once they are done, the parent takes care of the child while the other one uses the pass to either go to the front of the line via the exit or atleast gets to use the fast pass line. This was a big help for these 2 rides.

My wife and I have never really sat down to watch the parades or firework displays. We decided that this trip we would take the opportunity to watch them and film them. We were really curious to see how Rylan would react to them as he was thrilled by the fireworks last time. This time however he slept through both of the events. Now an event that blew us away was when Rylan ate an entire banana while waiting for the parade which was followed with a good nap.

Future posts will give a further insight into the trip.


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