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Progress comes quickly..

Written on May 1, 2006 by Kevin.

It was just a matter of time before Rylan began standing up in his crib. That day was Friday.

My wife was home the other day and when she turns around to check on Rylan, he is standing up with the help of the crib. It appears that he managed to pull himself up and rest his arm over the crib side which helped anchor him. I imagine that he immediately gave my wife a huge smile in excitement. We planned for this day and lowered his crib so that we don't have to worry about him doing a double back flip out of the crib.

Rylan shows minimal signs of crawling and seems as though he will likely head right towards walking. This is not uncommon it seems and crawling is only a transitional step that many doctors consider unnecessary. He definitely has strong little legs that seem fit for walking.

I can only imagine him taking his first steps. I only hope that I can be there for them and not stuck at work. Luckily my wife has the video camera ready at all times.


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