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Review: Seat Chiller

Written on May 15, 2006 by Kevin.

First off let me say thank you to the Kooler Kidz / Baby Dagny company for allowing me to review this product.

It has been hitting over 100F here in Arizona for a few days now. Regardless of your cars window tint or how much shade you have, the car is going to be hot. I mentioned this a few weeks ago and when the inventor for the Seat Chiller contacted me I was amazed and excited to try out a new product, especially one that I know I would get much use out of.

The Seat Chiller works as a cool pack for your child's car seat. The idea is that when your child is not in the seat to have the cooler in place so that when your child does sit down they are not sitting on burning metal or uncomfortable fabric. The bottom line is that it works. In fact, it works really well.

I was excited to try this out when I first got it. I wanted to give it a try right out of the box but as you can imagine, it requires times in the freezer. The unit can be folded up to take up little room in the freezer, this was a big plus. We took it out of the freezer the next day and while getting ready, I went out to the car and put it down on Rylan's car seat. A few minutes later we were ready to take off, so we put Rylan into his new cool car seat after removing the chiller. He was a bit shocked at first because of the coolness but certainly didn't seem to mind it.

The Seat Chiller is impressive. We used it extensively yesterday as we were out the better part of the day. The temperature was around 105F outside and the Seat Chiller remained cool for about 4 hours.

Negatives? I can't seem to find any real negatives about this product. The only problem is trying to remember to put it on the seat when ya take your child out and remembering to keep it in the freezer. Don't we all lose our memory once we have a child? Furthermore, as much fun as it is to watch liquid freeze, it takes time to get the Seat Chiller frozen. The website recommends buying two and I can see why. You always want to be using it and never want to wait for it to freeze again.

I don't see how you can go wrong with this product. It does what it says its going to do, and it does it well. I would highly recommend this product for anyone living in a heated climate.


This seems like a great idea, does he like it on his bare skin or do you cover it with something? I wonder how cold it gets. I love American inventions and I miss a lot of stuff. I can't even get a baby Boppy here in Italy.

Written by Sprog Mamma on May 16, 2006

The Seat Chiller is not designed to be left in the seat. So with that in mind, when we are going to use it, I take it out to the car while my wife is getting Rylan ready so that it does its job while we finish getting ready. Once we take him out to the car, we simply remove it, fold it back up and put Rylan in his seat as normal.

By keeping the Seat Chiller folded up, it keeps it cooler longer.

Written by Kevin on May 16, 2006

And you can put it back on after you've reached your destination, say a restaurant, playground or park. I can see it being used in the opposite fashion to warm up seats in the winter. Is that possible? Can you put them in a microwave?

Written by phil on May 18, 2006

Unfortunately I cannot answer this as I do not recall seeing anywhere about it being placed in the microwave. I imagine Natalie will have an answer for us however.

Written by Kevin on May 18, 2006

Hi Phil and Kevin,
The ice packs that I use are made only for cooling, and not for heating. (You can read about the packs at I know there are other gel-type packs on the market that can be safely microwaved, so that may be an option for future products.

Written by Natalie on Jun 7, 2006

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