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Summer Heat

Written on May 3, 2006 by Kevin.

The summer heat is quickly approaching here in Arizona. With this, comes a hot car and a bad situation.

Driving around in a car that feels like a sauna on a hot day with temperatures over 100F is never fun. Now with Rylan though, we cannot just take the heat and drink more liquids. We have to make sure that he is not going to melt in back of the car. The question is, how do you do this?

We have 2 cars, both are old and different in many ways. Our main family car is a bit larger and the air conditioning is not the best. While it does blow out cool air, it takes a while and is not that effective. This is made worse with a larger car and how far Rylan is away from the vent. The other car is smaller and with a working air conditioning system. This car seems to cool down more quickly however does not have any window coverings such as tint.

I am very curious to see how other people keep their cars cool so the kids don't melt. The window tint works but only to a point before the heat is just blasted in. The car seat is mainly made of plastic and fabric so a burning situation seems unlikely but when I pull Rylan out of his car seat, I do not want him to feel sweaty.

How do you accomplish this?


Hi Kevin,
Living in Houston, we know exactly what you mean by the heat in the cars. My Suburban's a/c is not working as well as it could be and we don't have the resources to buy a new compressor at this time. Things I do to keep things cooler while in the car:

1. Park in the shade as much as possible, leaving windows cracked if it is feasible. Use the Auto Shade in the window.

2. Only drive in the early morning or later afternoon hours.

3. Place a towel over the car seat to keep it from getting hot. Even with plastic and cloth, it can still get hot enough to burn, especially with the metal buckles.

4. Tint your windows if you can.

5. Pray for snow?? I know, it is highly unlikely that we will ever get any, but it is worth the shot.

You probably do all of these already, but I thought I'd through my two cents in!

Written by K on May 3, 2006

Move out of Arizona? I live in Tucson and understand the agony of the hot car. I only want a minivan for the dual/ rear ac feature!

We love the suction cup (not roll up) window shades. They are large and cover the rear door windows well. I am religious about the window shade in the front and cracking the windows when I park the car. I put a blanket over the carseat. start the car and let the ac run a few minutes before i put my son in... I'm sure none of this is very helpful. My little guy sweats even in the winter. I will tell you it gets a bit easier when they are forward facing. But for now, I think as long as you run the AC while in the car, your guy will be just fine.

Written by Martha on May 3, 2006

Hi there,
I had this same problem with my young children in the Palm Springs, CA area, so I invented a product called the Seat Chiller. You can see it on my Web site, and also on Let me know if you want a sample! Thanks.

Written by Natalie Prust on May 3, 2006

I was going to say park in the garage with the windows cracked, then coold the car off a few before putting Rylan in.

But Natalie Prust's product is so much better.

Finally a real solution to the TX spring and summer hot car seat problems!

Written by Jessica on May 4, 2006

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