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Too many toys?

Written on May 8, 2006 by Kevin.

How many toys is too many? Toys take up 2 things, money and space. There is no doubt that children's toys can be expensive especially seeing as additional money will need to be spent on batteries.

We have been pretty lucky lately and were able to pickup a few nice toys for Rylan at some good prices. Shown in today's photo of the day, he has a stack of toys. A few of these toys were able to be purchased online and in retail stores for atleast half off.

A couple of the items that are not displayed were purchased at garage sales. Rylan's latest addition is an exersaucer type toy. I am pretty certain that it was made before they called them exersaucers but it works for us none the less. After a bit of confirmation that the toy is safe and has no recalls, Rylan now enjoys his latest toy. What was the price you ask? 2 American dollars. Did we need to clean nasty food residue from small cracks? Sure. Will it take up more space than we have room for? Definitely. Was it worth spending the $2? Definitely.

People talk about how expensive babies can be. This was my feeling throughout life as well but with a bit of planning, it can be controlled. Clothes can be purchased at garage sales or on EBay and the same goes for toys. A recall search is a must however.


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