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Week in Review

Written on May 12, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

First off let me say, "Happy Mothers Day". Mommy, I know its a few days early but you have been such a nice mommy to me over the past couple of months, I just couldn't hold it in any longer. Thank you mommy for feeding me in the middle of the night, changing my poopiest of diapers and putting up with me pulling on your hair. I love ya a whole bunch.

Next on the agenda, milestones. This week has been great when it comes to milestones. I have begun to get from a laying down position, onto my butt and then stand up. Daddy was pretty amazed the first time he noticed I was sitting up soon after he laid me into my play area. I shocked them for the rest of the night, it was fun. The cycle is complete now though and with the help of my gated area, I can pull myself up and give my smile of excitement. Mommy and daddy sure seem to get a kick out of it.

My mom and dad continue to go to garage sales and pick up new projects to work on. They are definitely keeping busy with making me things for when I grow older. They haven't finished my Mickey table and chairs though. I can't wait to be able to use it. The last purchase was a couple of chairs that I think they are going to use as my naughty chair. Who says I will be bad? They bought another chair as well, I think its going to be for my sister or brother when someday they come along.

A project that my mom began work on last week and just recently finished up on was a Toy Story themed quilt. She did it all with a sewing machine that she was recently given. It turned out great. Its a great sized quilt blanket for me to carry around when I get older. Dad has also began work on a quilt. His though is much larger and is pirate themed. Oh man is it going to be cool. Its huge too and should work great on my bed someday. I hear that they are planning to make me a pirate room when I get older. Shiver me timbers!

That's all for now. Definitely keep an eye out for the projects my mommy and daddy are working on. They will get posted someday soon I hope.


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