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When I was a kid...

Written on May 9, 2006 by Kevin.

Atari 2600When I was growing up, one of the things I remember most was getting my first Nintendo. My parents still have video of me excited on Christmas morning after learning of my new found love. Prior to the Nintendo though, I was an Atari kid. Yes, I played on my Atari 2600 that my dad one day brought home. Games such as Pac Man, Pit Fall and Centipede are embedded into my mind forever.

The family Atari system remained until a few years ago when my father decided to get rid of it. I was quite devastated as I wanted Rylan to enjoy the games that I once did. Years went by and every once in a while I thought about the old Atari system. AJ from was going on one of his cleaning sprees and he offered me a chance to take a moment back in time and purchase his Atari system. After a hard pressed sale from AJ, I crumbled and purchased the set.

A few days later, the package arrives and I am immediately brought back into the 80s. The blocky joysticks and super big console, what fun. It took a bit but this last week I finally tried out each of the games and I have to say, the games sure are cruddy but it was fun to go back in time. When you know nothing better than an Atari system, it is magic on the screen.

The Atari system was a bit of a gateway drug for me. The Atari system led me to the Nintendo and then to even better units. While a lot of kids may get stuck in front of the TV for hours by themselves, I used to play games with my sisters but most importantly with my mother. We would play for hours trying to beat every different type of game. This is what I want Rylan to experience. I am hoping that the Atari system will allow us to play together with a console that is probably older than I am.


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