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Animal Grossology Trip

Written on June 26, 2006 by Kevin.

What do you do on a lazy weekend to keep the family entertained? You take them to the Science Center to check out gross things.

The Arizona Science Center has been showing an exhibit recently called Animal Grossology. The exhibit shows off odd animal facts that most people probably don't care to know but kids just love. Poop, we all do it including animals and while there, we learned what types of poop a few animals have. Ever want to see a tapeworm up close? We did. While the exhibit was small, it was entertaining.

We strolled around the rest of the science center which kept Rylan very entertained. The only time I recall him getting fussy was when we were looking at a wall full of beetles. Maybe he was getting worried. The rest of the center had fun things to try out. Rylan got to see how he was born in a small room which showed the stages of pregnancy. He looked at it with a very tight stare. He definitely seemed interested. In fact, he was interested in most all of it. He participated in a few events such as trying to build a house out of wood and putting together plastic sticks.

As a kid, I used to go to the Science Center in Seattle. I recall a lot of great memories from these trips and I am certainly hoping that Rylan enjoys it as much as I used too. I can only imagine he will looking at his reaction this time. I can definitely see a yearly trip at the least.


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