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Fathers Day 2006 - The day after.

Written on June 19, 2006 by Kevin.

Father's day, what a great idea someone had thought of years ago. I think that we should celebrate more than one Father's day. Of course, Mothers day would need to be more often as well.

Simply speaking, the day went well. I woke up to Rylan waving to me and in a good mood. A couple of diaper changes later, we were out doing normal errands. I was surprised to have people say Happy Father's day to me. That was nice. Definitely makes you feel more important when random strangers essentially thank me for being an active father.

So what were my gifts? Apparently Rylan picked out a #1 Dad Mickey Mouse during our last Disneyland visit. My wife tells me that he made the choice himself but of course my wife had to pay. We have yet to put Rylan to work so he isn't able to make any money for himself just yet. My other big gift was an original drawing by Rylan. Framed and everything. I am definitely keeping it as someday it may be worth something. In fact, I definitely see it worth something. Who wouldn't want a painting or drawing from the one and only Rylan? I'll be taking preorders shortly.

One of my requests I mentioned last week was eating a nice steak dinner without having to hold Rylan. Magically, this happened. Well almost. We ordered some meals from El Paso BBQ and took them home to eat. During the ride to the restaurant, he fell asleep and I was successful at getting him out of the seat into our home without waking him up. He laid asleep for about 15 minutes while we had a nice dinner. It was a great gift from Rylan.

When can we have our next Father's Day?


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