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Grandma time.

Written on June 1, 2006 by Kevin.

It had been quite a few months since Rylan last saw his Grandma from Las Vegas. It was to our surprise when we picked her up at the airport and Rylan immediately took to her. The entire weekend was playtime with Grandma and Grandson.

Rylan has been known to get shy with people he rarely sees. In fact, lately he gets fussy when people other than my wife or I hold him. Grandma though was different. He seemed to immediately feel comforted when around her. A huge change over the past couple of visits when he would just stare at her. Is it a requirement for Grandmas to give a gift to their grandchildren when they see them? Definitely not but Rylan was thrilled when he got to pick out a toy from the toy store. A small stuffed dog that fits perfectly in his hands.

It's great to see that Rylan seems to know who his grandparents are even though he may not see them very often. My father and stepmother have been known to get on the floor with Rylan and play with him which he really enjoys. My wife's father always has a compliment for Rylan which quickly turns into a smile.

There is no doubt that grandparents are important. Some of the best memories I have are when I went to my grandparents houses. I would hate to deprive memories like these from Rylan.


I think grandparents and grandchildren get along very well naturally. Our daughter (22 months) really warmed up to her great grandparents (12 months) a whopping 6 months before her grandpa (18 months). Our daughter did warm up to her grandparents on my husband's side before she was a year old, but they visit every 2 weeks or so and grandma stayed a few days to help me when she was a newborn. She is really shy so it will be interesting to see how well she takes to seeing her grandma and other great grandparents in FL for the 3rd time (2nd for other great grandparents). I really felt bad for grandpa since it seemed to take her quite a while to warm up to him. Our daughter took just as long to warm up to her cousins (15 months, 2 years 7 months), her 2nd cousins (3 & 5 years), and her uncle (5 years); she also has a (6 year old) aunt that she will see for the 3rd time in FL which too should be interesting.

I'm very glad to see that Rylan loves his grandma so much.

I'd love to have a grandma in Las Vegas, so I could save money on a hotel when I'd go gambling. Also their are some yummy amd fun places to visit like Ben & Jerry's, Hilo Hattie, and Build-A-Bear Workshop where you can probably purchase the WWF animals (All in the Aladdin's Desert Passage).

Written by Jessica on Jun 4, 2006

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