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Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Written on June 22, 2006 by Kevin.

*Notice* I understand that some people do not feel it is right to have a child in front of a television all day. My wife and I do not in any way let the TV babysit Rylan. If you are against children watching television, find another post of mine to read.

In the past week or so, Rylan has begun noticing things on television. Jay Jay the Jet Plane is his new best friend it seems. My wife has first hand experience with Rylan stopping in his tracks to watch the show. This is not normal for Rylan as normally he would just disregard the television being on. What he enjoys about it is anyone's guess.

I imagine that many parents attempt to keep their children away from toys and television shows that are simply annoying. My wife and I have discussed not introducing Elmo into the picture as well as some other characters. Jay Jay was never mentioned but now it seems Rylan is hooked. Everyday, he will sit patiently while the show is on.

We were hoping to get Rylan introduced to the Baby Einstein movie series but he doesn't seem to keep entertained by them. A large collection of old classic cartoons and other children DVDs have also been purchased that for the time being, are not what Rylan is interested in.

Does anyone have any opinions on Jay Jay the Jet Plane?


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