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No means no.

Written on June 12, 2006 by Kevin.

Now that Rylan has become mobile, we have certainly seen him change. He now wants to explore everything that he can get his hands onto. Most of the things that he grabs for are harmless but there are sometimes things he grabs that we would prefer that he didn't. We are certainly not a big fan of him eating on paper which he seems to find in mysterious places.

A few weeks ago, my wife had an issue while feeding Rylan in which he decided to clamp down. My wife gave him a firm "no" in which case he immediately stopped and began showing a pouty face. When he went back and did it again, she said "no" once more. We have begun using the word no more around Rylan when we want him to know that what he is doing is wrong.

We understand that at nearly 8 months old, he may not understand what the word means but he certainly responds to it. "No" is just another word to him right now but the tone in your voice is what he responds to. As most parents can agree with, it is the most difficult thing to tell your child no but the pouty face that they give you is so extremely funny. It really makes you want to say it more just so that you get to see that face once more.

We are really curious to see how Rylan acts years from now and whether or not it is possible to deter a child from being "bad" before they get too old. I imagine this is something that all parents try to do. I guess we will just follow along until one of us parents figures out the golden rule.


Just wait unitl HE starts telling YOU "no"! Courage my friend, have courage.

Written by Phil on Jun 12, 2006

Courage and consistency... he may not understand "no" now, but he understands tone.

One word of advice from a mom of 6, until they can truly understand consequences, a firm "no" and then the art of distraction to another "safer" activity works wonders. Just saying "no" all the time is a very bad habit to get into... not that you are doing that, but I have seen many (myself included) that fall into this routine.

Can you belive our babies are almost 8 months??

Written by K on Jun 13, 2006

A firm 'no' and distraction definetly is what we are working with. No one will ever know but Rylan is attracted to the outlets. Despite being covered they must stand out to him and look like fun.

You know you are a parent when you tell hear yourself saying "I rememeber when he was as little as a...". I am to that point.

Written by Kevin on Jun 13, 2006

You are right on the money about the consistency part. My dad would always shake his head after an episode where I caved in with following through. Threats get you nowhere. He'd say, "Buddy, you got to nip it in the bud and be consistant." There it is short and sweet. Oh, I almost forgot, never let 'em see you sweat.

Written by Phil on Jun 18, 2006

My daughter has a melt down almost any time she is told no or even thinks we are referring to not doing something. Does anyone have advice on how we can all get through the meltdown phase a bit easier?

Written by Jessica on Jun 30, 2006

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