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Review: Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin' Surprise Gumballs

Written on June 6, 2006 by Kevin.

The internet has worked out great for us when it comes to purchasing toys for Rylan. A few months back, I took advantage of a great deal at Amazon to pickup the Fisher-Price Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin' Surprise Gumballs. This toy is an award winner and certainly has won Rylan's heart.

The gumball unit includes 4 balls that are put into the top and after a lever is pushed, they come out the bottom. Lights and sounds (volume adjustable) also play while the ball comes rolling down. A small click knob in the middle can also be played with.

It took a while before Rylan got the hang of this toy but he really seems to enjoy it. In fact he has always enjoyed trying to eat it. We are still working with him to learn to put the balls back in the top but you can definitely see his progress. He certainly knows that by pressing the lever, sounds and lights will play and a ball will come rolling out. The clicking knob does not seem to entertain him at all unless one of us are doing it for him.

One of the best things that Rylan has seemed to find about this toy is that he can use it to stand up. I think that Rylan would certainly suggest this toy to other families. He sure can't get enough of it.


We got this toy after Alexis was 17 months old, a bit old for this toy, but she loves it. Alexis also doesn't use the yellow knob. Another similar toy that we got that Rylan might like too is the Roll-a-Rounds Drop & Roar Dinosaur . I like the roll around action toys (we have the Choo-Choo), but Alexis doesn?t play with it much yet.

Written by Jessica on Jun 30, 2006

Sorry I forgot to mention that we found the dinosaur toy at Sam's Club and that one was cheaper than at Wal-mart or Target and it came with 20 free additional roll-a-rounds. Sam's has neat deals like that sometimes.

Written by Jessica on Jun 30, 2006

My wife has mentioned the dinosaur toy as well. I believe this is on our list of items to buy one of these days.

Written by Kevin on Jul 3, 2006

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