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Summer Fun

Written on June 21, 2006 by Kevin.

What a difference a month makes. Here in Arizona, it has been reaching 110-115F on a daily basis resulting in a lot of extra fun rides in the car. Like most people, we try to keep outside as little as possible but there are times when it is necessary. The result is an entire family baking in the car. At least Rylan has shade unlike my wife and I.

The last couple of nights we have taken Rylan to the swimming pool. We stopped going for a while because the water was still too cold. How it can be 100F outside and the pool still cold is beyond me. The last couple of nights though have been great. Swimming in a pool that is around 80F+ is perfect. There is no initial shock when ya get in and you don't have to cry like a baby when your chest gets cold.

Rylan has really enjoyed swimming lately. The warmer water allows him to relax much more and we are able to take him out of his floaty toy and walk him around the pool. He just can't get enough of the water now. The face he gets when he splashes himself is classic. In fact, he seems to like it when big waves come crashing on him. He is definitely a born swimmer.

The next thing is deciding when we want Rylan to learn how to swim. Kids at the age of 6 months are capable of swimming from what I understand but it all comes down to trust. Do you trust a stranger with your 8 month old in a pool? I would be watching like a hawk.


I say put him in swim lessons! The swim lessons here in IL are parent-tot up to age 3 yr. Which means the parent swims with the child. They don't have anything like that over your way?!

Written by Julie on Jun 22, 2006

I don't doubt that lessons are taught without the parents in the water but there is still a trust factor that needs to come into play.

Written by Kevin on Jun 22, 2006

I say go for it and early, this way Rylan can have lots of practice and do more of something he seems to already enjoy.

I've heard of survival swimming lessons for babies. My baby sister took them. It really is a trust factor, my mom said it's hard for parents to let their kids do what my mom said they asked her to do in order to teach my sister to swim, but it was worth it and my sister loves swimming. Once my sister felt so confident she ran and jumped into the deep end. My mom and the swim instructor both jumped in after her, but she was fine because she had learned to swim.

Written by Jessica on Jun 30, 2006

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