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Week in Review

Written on June 2, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This week has been a pretty good one. As my dad mentioned, my grandma came to town and we had a whole bunch of fun. That doggy toy that she got for me is great. I really like it a lot. I was really bummed out though when she had to leave. Even my dad could tell that I wasn't in a great mood. My daddy shows me pictures of her though and I get happy again.

Can you believe that my mom has already started planning for my first birthday party? I think that she is a bit cuckoo but I still love her. I hear that it may be Mickey themed so I am really excited about that. In fact, I heard that we may even be going to Disneyland for my first birthday as well. Oh boy Oh Boy.

For those interested, Daddy has begun taking bets on when I will take my first step. He still is a firm believer that within the next couple weeks I will do so. Anyone care to place a wager? Leave a comment. *smile*

Speaking of smiles, I have a bunch to go around. Mommy and daddy cannot get enough of them. Every time my dad does something goofy I just cant hold back. I need to smile or laugh! He is just so funny. I bet the people around us think so too. He is my daddy though and he can do whatever he wants in public. That's just what good fathers do.


I'll bet Rylan walks at 8 offense, just a guess.

Written by Jessica on Jun 30, 2006

I am confident that he will be walking this month however I will not be disappointed if he does not.

Written by Kevin on Jul 3, 2006

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