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Week in Review

Written on June 23, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Holy cow! We have been going swimming every day this week. It has been so much fun. There have been other kids there so I like to watch them and see what they are up to. Sometimes I get bummed because I can't go under water but after dad puts me way up into the air and then dips me into the water real fast, I forget about it all. He sure is fun. My mom is too. She will twirl me around in the water until I get dizzy. Boy do I get dizzy!

Father's day was a success. My daddy was surprised when he saw his gifts. I think that he really liked my drawing. I do need to ask him why he hasn't put it on the wall yet. I guess he is a busy guy. My daddy wished for a quiet meal and I decided I would give that to him. He got about 15 minutes of quiet meal with mommy. I didn't think he needed any more than that. I mean come on, I deserve all of the attention. Everyday is Rylan day!

Father's day was also when I turned 8 months old. I remember months ago saying that I was a big boy but now, I really am a big boy. I am just aching to walk. I know daddy is looking forward to it too. Mommy is going to start training me to pickup my food. We are going to start with tiny apple pieces. I am really looking forward to that. Hey, just 4 more months and I will be 1 years old. I continue to hear news about a Disneyland trip for my birthday. Yippee!


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