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Who flipped the switch?

Written on June 8, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife and I have been pretty spoiled when it comes to Rylan. He sleeps through the night, eats well and is overall a great baby. Teething has thrown us a curve ball though. Rylan already has 2 teeth and a third one now about to pop out any day. These past few days have resulted in a very fussy baby compared to what we are used too.

When it is my turn to feed him rice cereal, he seems to like to make grunting noises after each swallow. We can only imagine that this is either him telling us that his tooth hurts or that maybe its all a game to him. Regardless of what it is, its not normal for him.

Playtime, also known as the entire day, consist of fussiness as well. There is always a new toy to catch Rylan's attention but when he is being fussy, its a challenge sometimes trying to find it. It seems though that playing with toys in unconventional ways (such as waving them around) seems to focus his attention. This provides temporary relief from baby whining.

Night time sleeping remains about normal however. He continues to sleep through the night for about 9 hours. He then wakes up, feeds and normally goes back down for a few more hours. Day time naps though are a different story. It is not uncommon now for Rylan to go the entire day without a nap except when I get home and we are out running errands in the car. As expected, he seems tired but just can't get himself to go to sleep. An unfortunate event.

Relief for teething is minimal. We have tried the children's tylenol with little success. Teething toys do not keep him entertained or provide him with relief it seems. Hopefully that tooth will pop out soon.


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