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Cheap books make parents happy.

Written on July 18, 2006 by Kevin.

As I have mentioned in the past, Rylan has gathered a massive amount of books. My wife and I first began finding them at garage sales but as the summer heat came running in, we quickly stopped. We turned ourselves towards the local Goodwill stores. Luckily for us, we have a large amount of them within driving distance.

We have begun creating Rylan a large library of books for all different ages and likes. Of course, we included books that my wife and I both grew up with and feel would be great for Rylan to read. Some of these books are difficult to find and the Goodwill stores seems to be a great place to hunt them down. It is not uncommon for us to drop by a couple of the stores here on their 50% off day and leave with bags full of books. A quick cleaning and Rylan immediately seems to be attracted to some of them. Books that may cost $10+ are easily found for $.50. A smoking deal as far as I'm concerned.

Another great thing about Goodwill or any charity store is that you can drop off your old stuff and receive a tax break. I know that as a parent, we are always looking for ways to save money or otherwise have extra money. This seems to be a great way to do it while helping out other people at the same time.

What better way to spend time with your child than reading them books? If you can get those books at a great price, I say go for it.


You should try shopping at Savers they usually have some books on hand for a low price.

Written by Jessica on Jul 19, 2006

Savers is another place that we have stopped by for cheap books. We have however determined that they commonly have a smaller selection of books. Atleast from our experiences.

Written by Kevin on Jul 19, 2006

Make sure the books are something that YOU will be interested in, too. Sometimes my kids would have to wake me up while reading to them. And learning the "skip a few pages technique" can come in real handy at times. The problem with that technique is that they catch on sooner or later; but are happy when they eventually make you read the parts you skipped over.

Written by phil on Jul 19, 2006

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