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Leaky Diapers?

Written on July 25, 2006 by Kevin.

I got in the mail yesterday, two samples of Luvs new leak protection diapers. This got me to thinking, do babies really have an issue with leaky diapers? Why do companies come out with new leak proof diapers every couple of years. Is this really a widespread problem?

Rylan has never really had a problem with leaky diapers. The only time that I can recall having a large issue was after his circumcision and the need for a massive amount of vaseline. This large amount of vaseline caused the diaper to become to slick and non-absorbent.

How much pee does a baby need to make before it starts leaking out? If it is the amount of pee that causes the leak, why aren't they being changed more frequently? Rylan has been known to completely fill up a diaper but as mentioned before, he never leaks. Why is this?

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Do diapers really leak and we just don't have this problem?


I agree that diapers never seem to leak unless they are full, or there is something like Vaseline that coats the diaper causing it to be non-absorbent.

I will give credit to ill-fitting diapers or sometimes you just change a diaper and they overfill it (soda and pedialyte do this easily).

I think the diaper industry is just using the possibility of leaks as a sort of scare tactic so parents will be more likely to try their 'new' and 'improved' diapers.

It's funny that you posted this when you did because my daughter has had 2 funny diaper related occurrences.

We use Pampers Cruisers and have really never had a problem with them, until a few hours ago. In a fairly fresh diaper, my daughter started crying. I couldn't figure out why until I got near her to see those annoying gel diaper crystals all over the floor and my daughter. My husband cleaned up the floor and I gave our daughter a wipe down, then a bath. The diaper had split near the leg hole on one side dumping the gel. Diaper failure or daughter tampering? Then later on my daughter took off her next perfectly dry diaper and tossed it in the trash. Funny thing is we didn't know it until she sat down and we could see her bottom sticking out under her dress. After a short search we found the diaper in the trashcan. I think it's potty training time, which is perfect because she's almost 2 and that's when we wanted to start.

Written by Jessica on Jul 25, 2006

I don't know if I would call it a leaky diaper but don't tell me you've never had a poop explosion before? It's the kind of poopy diaper that is so bad that it comes out at the sides or worst - in the back all over fresh clothes.

My daughter picks the perfect time to do this - right after a bath and fresh clothes/diaper application.

I don't think any kind of special diaper could really contain a poop explosion. It's just one of those things that just happens and you deal with it and move on.

Written by Rengirl on Jul 26, 2006

Massive poops certainly do happen but nothing that has exploded out of the diaper. Atleast not yet. With Rylan's trek into new foods, his poop has changed. Only time will tell whether his diaper will be able to contain it all.

Written by Kevin on Jul 26, 2006

no massive leaky poopie diapers? Boy are you guys lucky! Or maybe he's saving it all up for one day when your out and forget the diaper bag...

Or worse yet, you lug the stinkin' diaper bag all over town only to discover there are no diapers left in it and the only back up outfit inside fit well 3 sizes ago!


Written by K on Jul 26, 2006

Hmm. We must be doing something wrong. X's poops leak out fairly frequently, about, every 2 days. I wonder if it's the brand (though we've tried different ones) or poor choice in sizing.

Written by A Dad And A Geek on Jul 28, 2006

We have always been really good with keeping Rylan in his appropriate sized diapers. Maybe this is the reason.

I think the odds of us having blowouts now has increased substantially. Rylan has been pooping around 4 times a day lately. This appears to be due to the extra amounts of solids he has been receiving.

Written by Kevin on Jul 28, 2006

We just got a leaky diaper immediately after changing it. No way that it was full! Hopefully we will figure out what is going on, because I'm doing waayyy too much laundry!

Written by Natalia on Jan 25, 2007

My 4-yr old daughter used Pampers the whole way through and never had a wet-leak (did have a few poopy explosions). So, with daughter number 2 we started with Pampers and she was waking up SOAKED every night - I mean wringing wet! In the middle of the night, I'd have to change her diaper, jammies and swaddling blankets. Some nights this would happen 3-4 times. So, I tried Huggies - a vast improvement in the situation to where we only seem to get one soaking incident per night, some nights not at all. This is amazing to me since again, with baby #1, we had no leaks at all. With baby #2, it's a whole different story. Some nights it seems that by the time I'm done cleaning her up, she's ready to go back to sleep - she barely eats. I'm beginning to wonder if she'd sleep through the night if she weren't waking up in a puddle of her own pee-pee!

Written by Erin on Apr 30, 2007

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