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My reaction to a few things..

Written on July 11, 2006 by Kevin.

There is no doubt that when you hear for the first time that your wife is going to have a baby, you change. There really is no stopping this. You look at your own life and life around you differently. You think like a parent. Is it possible that this 'change' never takes place in some people? It certainly looks this way.

Issue: I am walking out of our local pizza joint when my wife points out that the women in the car next to us just sat down in the front passenger seat with her child on her lap and drove off. No seat belt, no nada.

Reaction: WTF! Are you kidding me? Do you not value you and your own child's life? Alright, maybe you do just live right around the corner but does that release you from thinking intelligently? Statistics show that you are more likely to get in an accident near your home than anywhere else. Unfortunately, this is not too uncommon here in Arizona. I think that I need to begin looking into the citizen arrest laws.

Issue: Multiple times a week I am sitting in my office lunchroom hearing a couple of women talking about their children and how they want to go out for the night. These women each have atleast 1 child but most of them seem to have 3, all young in age.

Reaction: I fully understand that as a parent, it would be nice to drop your kid off at the grandparents and have a night out alone but dang, you are a parent. You signed up for this when you decided to have a child. Don't complain about how you can't go out to the club and get wasted. It truly amazes me that they can just drop their kids off at the grandparents house day in and day out without even thinking about it. It is not unlikely that the grandparents are caring for the kids in the first place as these women work during the day. Is it really the job of the grandparents to raise the child? When will these women take full responsibility for their actions? When are you going to take part in your child's life? Regardless of the age, there seems to always be something great to see with your child.


I have heard it said that it is so ironic that one must take a test and hold a license to drive, yet anyone can become a parent...

Written by K on Jul 11, 2006

About Issue #1: It is so common here in Italy to have kids in the front seat and with no seat belts or with kids in the back seat with another person and not buckled in. There are laws reagarding this but no one to enforcing the rules, no one obeys them. I feel sorry for all the possible injuries that these kids face too, it is sad. Also Italy is #1 in Europe for motorcycle deaths since they drive really crazy here.

Issue #2
Grandparents are basically free baby sitters here and they are expected to watch their grandkids. My mother in law told me if I move closer to her I could drop my kid off in the morning and pick him/her up when I got off work. I mentioned to her that I wanted to raise my own child.

Written by Sprog Mamma on Jul 12, 2006

I agree people should know better than to not have their children safely buckled up in the correct seat type facing the correct way. It has even been in the news twice thanks to a certain irresponsible movie star mamma.

I saw a kid in Waco, TX bouncing around in the back seat not buckled up in heavy traffic. I tried to get the license tag, but couldn't keep up. A cop came by so the mom quickly had her kid buckle up and she quickly exited the street we were on to avoid the cop. If you find any info on citizen's arrests please post it. I would think in your case that you could've gotten the tag # and reported it, maybe they would've caught them w/o a car seat or simply with the child in lap.

My grandparents basically raised me since we lived with them for most of my young life. I feel it was a good thing since they were more responsible than my abusive mother who was also the type that went out to 'party'. I don't believe it's the grandparent?s job to raise their grandchildren, but I do think it would be nice for them to occasionally baby-sit for a parent?s night out. I have free movie tickets I can't use because I have no babysitter and my daughter is afraid of theaters/isn't ready to sit quietly still for that long. I think every parent needs a break now and then, but not all the time especially at the grandparent?s expense.

I would say for some people the change to being a responsible parent doesn't happen for all parents, especially my husband. As a matter of fact, the older our daughter gets, the younger and more irresponsible my husband gets especially about drinking (and sometimes driving home alone "buzzed" aka drunk). This is why I love reading your blog, a responsible dad that truly loves his son, which to me is incredible and admirable. I hope that with your family's active and loving environment from both parents will help Rylan to understand that a dad should care about his children and openly love them.

Written by Jessica on Jul 12, 2006

My job brings me right into the homes of some pretty sad family situations. I see kids living in some pretty crappy living conditions (not as bad as third world conditions though). I am a maintenance man for a private non-profit affordable housing land trust. Most of our tennants live on pretty low incomes considering the number of children they have and many parents(in my unprofessional diagnosis) suffer from some sort of mental illness or drug addiction. I see some of the WORST parenting you can imagine and am required to report abuse. It's frustrating because so much of it is subjective and unable to substantiate and I've never seen outright physical abuse. I would submit though that what I do see (extremely bad parenting at the very least) is a more chronic and possibly harmful type of abuse. I feel so sorry for the way so many innocent children have to live.

Sorry if that post is a bummer, I had to get it off my chest. Thanks for the opportunity.

Written by phil on Aug 13, 2006

The cycle continues when those children do the same thing for their own childrens years from then. It really is unfortunate.

Written by Kevin on Aug 13, 2006

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