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New found addiction - Gerber self-feeding snacks

Written on July 31, 2006 by Kevin.

Rylan's doctor seemed to emphasize to us that we needed to feed Rylan more solid foods. While we initially did not see this happening for a few months, we are taking it in stride and seeing the benefits. Rylan has begun self-feeding himself while at the dinner table with us. This is a big improvement from the past when we either needed to hold him or keep him distracted in his playpen while we ate dinner. Now, Rylan sits there in his seat chomping on one of the following items. He couldn't be more happy.

The nutritional value of these look alright and with minimal sugar, we are happy with Rylan eating these. While training Rylan to sit more in his shopping cart rather than being held, these are helping alot. In addition to his hand/eye coordination, we have seen a great improvement in just a short while. We too couldn't be more happy with these.

Fruit/Veggie Puffs - Rylan cannot get enough of these. First off, he is still beginning to learn how to eat these foods so he isn't the cleanest. He drops a good portion of them on the ground or himself. What is odd is that hours later, you will see him munching on one that was most likely stuck to him somewhere. He always seems to be eating these things. He is our little magician.

Biter Biscuits - Rylan seemed to enjoy this alot, maybe too much. After a bit of work on this biscuit, he managed to break off a large amount of it which resulted in a bit of choking. All is well though and Rylan swallowed it like a champ. We decided to hold off on these for a bit.

Zwieback Toast - We used these as alternatives to the Biter Biscuits. We are much happier with these and Rylan appears to feel the same way. He will munch on of these for for 10-20 minutes giving us a great opportunity to eat our dinner in peace. He appears in a trance when he is munching on one of these. They must be mesmerizing.

Fruit/Veggie Wagon Wheels - Another great snack for Rylan as it is perfect size for holding and munching. When he eats these, you can tell that he is proud of himself as he gives you this certain smile. As with the others, he just can't get enough of them.


Alexis loves the sweet potato Veggie Puffs and would probably eat the whole container full in one sitting if you let her. She also loved the Gerber Baby food sweet potatoes, but she hates regular sweet potatoes...go figure.

We found that the mini metal spoons with plastic handles are what work best for our daughter's eating, but they are hard to find outside of dish sets or at all.

Written by Jessica on Jul 31, 2006

I forgot to mention that Alexis loved the Zwieback Toast especially when she was cutting a new tooth. I hated how messy/crubly they were. I actually didn't know about the Biter Biscuits they sound like a great alternative to regular cookies and snacks.

Written by Jessica on Jul 31, 2006

I babysit a 10 mth old boy and his mother gave me the fruit/veggie puffs to give him. I love those things! I wish they had those when my 2 boys were younger. That is the only thing that he hasn't choked on. The others that you've listed, I've found that he's choked on. Which makes me scared to give them to him. His mother also gave me dried apples which are diced small and perfect for little ones this age. I'm not sure what brand they are--thinking Gerber. You should try Rylan on those!

Written by Julie on Aug 1, 2006

Julie, we have been eyeing those dried fruit but have yet to try them with Rylan. Soon though.

Written by Kevin on Aug 1, 2006

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